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Diskutime tek 'Muzika' filluar nga mozaiku, 23 Aug 2007.

  1. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex


    JA dhe...PERSEJA troje vetem muzike....JEVGJISH.
  2. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Po qe per leaf masturboj veten.

    KJO....PROSTITUTA e albos.

  3. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    ROCKIN for the...



    PS....ajo SHKERDHATA ka kelQYRRA apo SIMPTOMA SHEMTIRA e gjinise FEMERORE eshte ....PAS.

  4. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Vllehu apo...ATTILA DORN,qe na paska mbaruar UNIVERSITETIN per ....KENGETARE OPERE.

    PS: dhe qe te LUASH...BLACK SABATH ...DUHET te KESH= BYC dhe TALENT.

    Naten e mire.

    MEGA GREATE....aproPO....VOCALISTI nr 5 ne BOTE.

  5. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    When you look back at the Artists Den performance, what are you most proud of?

    That we didn’t overplay, which you can do if there’s cameras on you. We didn’t collapse out of the anxiety and stress of having those same cameras on you. We managed to maintain our composure and play with aplomb - there’s no showboating or nervous stumbling, other than what might typically happen in a live show.

    Was there anything you noticed about your guitar playing?

    “You know, I think there was a little bit of - not timidity - but I think I was holding back a little bit for that show, because we knew that there were a lot of cameras on us, and there were extra lights that were on us to illuminate the camera shots, it made the stage much warmer, much brighter than we were familiar with.

    “So there was a little bit of self-consciousness, so I think I held back a bit. There are certain songs that we performed that we might take extended jam sections or solos, or we might improvise a little bit more, or reach and do something unusual.

    “Every time we played a set, Ben and I, and Matt, and oftentimes Chris would just wing the improvised or solo parts; we’d just be like, ‘Let’s see what happens!.................

    Think we played a little bit more conservatively because of the cameras and the lights . I could see that in my playing.

    PS: tashti une nuk e di se cfar eshte konsevative apo moderne,por LIVE e KUPTON....ose mbase PO.
  6. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Pushime te MBARA ....motra,shoke dhe vellezer.

    FAZIT: In der HEUTIGEN Gesellschaft vergisst der specie Mensch das wichtigste.....die=MENSCHLICHKEIT.

    Dhe ata me flamur jane te>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PARET,prandaj PIKERISHT do ngelen ne FUND.

  7. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Not long after he debuted internationally, Hernán became the first ever South American resident for global brand Cream; won residencies at Cream in Ibiza and Liverpool and Pacha in Buenos Aires and Ibiza; and went on to grace the DJ Mag Top 100 poll ten years in a row.

    What do you think is the recipe for being on more than 10 years in a row in DJ Magazine Top 100 poll?

    Music personality, hard work and lots of flights.

    What would be the most elementary advice the new generation of DJs should follow?

    You must have a strong and distinctive music personality, so when people hear you, they know its your sound. Don’t copy other djs and never ever follow trends. You are here to lead, not to follow!

    What is your bet regarding the top 3 tracks for this summer?

    3 Artist in no order: Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode and already thinking about ten more.

    We think your are the perfect guy to answer our next question. Messi or Maradona?

    Hmmmmmmmmm........Messi AND Maradona.



    Hernan-Cattaneo-–-Hernan-Cattaneo-Podcast-017-Chart-2011.jpg dj-hernan-cattaneo-tshirt-mens-white-tee-00090-ultrabasic_236.jpg
  8. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    fillim jave te mbare...

    apo good night...PLEHRAT me flamur in....KURAC.

  9. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Strofa NUMER 2.

    Stark und schwach, müde und wach
    Eckig oder rund, Katze und Hund
    Hin und her, leicht und schwer
    Hoch und tief, gerade und schief
    Kurz oder lang, gesund und krank
    Mensch oder Tier, dort oder hier

    Luftë dhe paqe, humbisni ose pushtoni,
    te thare apo te qullur, urreni ose ....................dashuroni.





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    Anzahl Wochen: 1
    Jahr: 2019


    Naten e mire.
  10. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Faji i te mbijetuarve eshte PERHERE i TMERRSHEM.

    FAZIT.....Militärpersonal ist blödes, dummes Vieh, das man als Bauernopfer in der Außenpolitik benutzt!
    Wer das Öl kontrolliert, der beherrscht die Staaten; wer die Nahrungsmittel kontrolliert, der beherrscht die Völker; und wer das Geld kontrolliert, der beherrscht die Welt!
    PERMBLEDHJA apo KUPTIMI....Amerika hat keine dauerhaften Freunde oder Feinde, nur Interessen.
    PS....FASHISTI nr 1 qe ka marre qmimin per paqen.
    Tungi SHKERDHAPATARUCA,dhe e KAM per MORRAT me flamur.
  11. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    PS.....KRYEVEPRA nuk bejne dot ZHULAT.BANALE apo VULGARE qofte.
    PISANJOS covjece.
  12. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    FAZIT.....Insgesamt keineswegs eine schlechte Scheibe.

    PS per VIRUSET(H)-ale................Ofiziell apo ne menyre <zyrtare> paniku dhe histeria,justifikohen me faktin qe njerezit nuk kane gjetur ilaqin perkates,per ...........gripin e se me te vertete eshte apo duket kaq e panatyrshme,pyesni ne = Biowaffen-Laboren,ku ky patogjen ne>>>>>> VECANTI eshte aktualisht i disponueshem,dhe PERSE qo?
    SEPSE ne.................LFB1,era ndryshoje kahun,dhe ne vend qe te asgjesonin shkinat,ja .................RRASEN VETES.
    PRA.....cdo virus KA dhe KUNDRA pasoja apo EFEKTE tjeterSOJESH.
    Si mbyllje.....SOT PUSHIM,dhe NUK do rrime te cajme VEGLAT me ..............INFANTILE.

  13. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    ARTISTI ne FJALE......MUZIKA e ime (TIJ) NUK eshte komercialDARISTE por.....BURON brenda=KrahAR-orit si EDHE ...Спасибо всем кто слушает меня!

    FAZITI....po ku i dine FSHATARUCAT e lal krosit,ne murgeshat+padret ka ...DukaGJIN-i,apo i NJEJTI=NDYRESIRE.

  14. Airbourne

    Airbourne Papirus rex

    Merri te gjitha ato SHURRAT apo seBASHKU ne troje....KJO i =

    KAFSHON, dhe si pasoje rrin = SQUK.

    Diten e mire.

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