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    Beware of Scamming through emails
    Recently Godaddy and Godaddy’s users have been suffering from a big domain scam. As internet security is becoming a problem for the big corporations, and information on their clients are leaking from time to time, a group of hackers apparently managed to get the full list of email-owners at Godaddy and started to send email scams.

    The first picture below is an authentic Godaddy email, the next picture is not!


    The message below is sent as a normal reminder on Whois data. Domain registrars send them from time to time and it has a link to GodaddyAuthorization.com (or some similar domain).


    As you may imagine, the solution to these problems is simple. Do not follow links provided in emails by any company. At Host.Al we will never require you to login via an email link so please be attentive toward similar cases with your other domain registrars and also your .al domain registrar.
    Marre nga ky artikull: http://www.host.al/blog/beware-of-scamming-through-emails/

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